MVOA, Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture, is a fast growing organic agricultural grower and supplierwith own farms in Europe, South America and Soth East Asia.

Our farms and prodcuts are certified organic for the US, EU and Japan.

Present Products include: Orgnaic Mustard (Brasica Juncea oriental) , seeds, oil, flour, & paste, Organic honey, Organic melons, Organic Milk Thistle.

New additional products available from Summer 2005 include: Organic medicinal herbs, Organic culinary herbs and spices, Organic yellow mustard (Sinapis Alba) seeds, powder, and paste, Organic Brown Mustard (Brasica Juncea) .

Avi Barkol
[49] 174 3597650
Sonnenberg 1
Seelisberg, Uri, CH-6377, Switzerland